Our Theme Song

Life in a Blender (from left):  Mark Lerner, Ken Meyer, Al Houghton, Don Rauf, Rebecca Weiner Tompkins, Dave Moody.  

All hail Don Rauf!

I met him in the 1980s, after I wrote a PEOPLE magazine review of the first album by his rockin' band Life in a Blender.  Decades later, that conclave of musical innovators (above) is still releasing crazy-cool music that compels you to dance, sing along, and forget all the troubles of the world.

Back in 1991, I convinced Don and Life in a Blender to perform nightly after performances of my play The Cool Club at the gallery attached to the nightclub CBGB -- the place that was immortalized in song by The Talking Heads.

Since then, Don could not escape me.  When I knew that I Couldn't Throw It Out needed a podcast theme song, he was our Go To Man -- only partly because that's the title of a classic Life in a Blender song.

Outdoing even his own standards of lavish greatness, Don brought in superstar Boots Kamp, who co-wrote the song, played multiple instruments, and produced the track.  Then they reeled in Seattle sensation Jen Ayers to sing backup vocals and saxophonist extraordinaire Trevor Ras. And I wrote a few rough lyrics that were edited and expanded for the song.

Want to hear the theme song for I Couldn't Throw It Out without all the blabbering?  Listen on...


Apple Music

While you're at it, give your ears an extended burst of irrepressible joy...

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-- Michael Small

(Photo by David Barry.)