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After a catchy title theme song, Michael Small unboxes one by one his interview recordings and various documents he kept as a reporter/author from decades ago. His podcast partner Sally Libby tries to convince him to throw it all out, but as they are sharing (is caring), one person's "junk" is another person's treasure in this awesome podcast series! P.S. Don't throw it out!

A Treasure House of Material

The ingenious concept for this podcast (basically anything that packrat Michael Small has stored for decades might provide the occasion for an episode) allows for a crazy range of fascinating material, from taped conversations with musicians and actors, to Small's own work, family, and life history. Cohosts Michael and Sally (and Small's wife, Cindy) have the easy rapport that comes from a lifelong friendship, and their banter is full of fun. Every episode has made me laugh out loud, but the show also delivers unexpected poignancies. If anything, this podcast offers a strong argument for hanging on to life's ephemera and renting a bigger storage locker--take that, Marie Kondo! Highly recommended.

Compelling Stories and Telling

I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates listening to people who have something to say with keen insight, humility and an upbeat appreciation of what it means to be a part of this challenging era with dignity and decency. Having listened to 6 so far, both the stories and the telling are compelling; ranging from deeply inspiring (A Perfect Match, Parts 1 & 2) to nostalgically inspiring and illuminating (Joni Mitchell, Parts 1 & 2) to illuminating and interesting (Surprising Immigrants) to interesting and fun (Our High School Mag).

Truth can be stranger than fiction. (Someone needs to option this!)

Don’t believe me? Strap yourself in for the two-parter of college sweethearts Michael and Cindy’s 45 years of love and her countless brushes with death during her lifelong search for the perfect match for a kidney transplant before it’s too late. Fascinating, funny, honest, and emotionally raw in the most beautiful way.

Keeps getting better and better!

Fun, insightful, well executed, great voices to listen to!

Great ‘cast

Wow what a fun podcast, I love the topic I think most of us can relate:) the Joni Mitchell interview was fabulous I love how you were quite green Michael and couldn’t get over your questions in this first go around- you crack me up! Absolutely love it keep the episodes coming!

Great listening…

Glad I listened to Donna Murphy on the ICTIO podcast with Michael and Sally. To revisit high school poetry was eye-opening and thoroughly enjoyable. How deep and talented these high kids were! Glad you didn’t throw out those high school mags! Great laughs and having Donna on was great.

Great show!

Very well executed idea. Love the conversations. Very insightful stuff!

Wonderful conversations!

Love these conversations about Michael’s treasures! I was amazed by how open Joni Mitchell was with him and so glad these interviews have emerged from their storage bins. Looking forward to many more conversations about Michael’s treasures to come!


As a college classmate of Michael Small, I was pretty sure his new podcast would a fun listen. Just heard his two segments with long-ago conversations he had with Joni Mitchell, I was wowed and urge all to subscribe , listen and enjoy!!

Delightful storytelling with a pop of pop culture

An irresistible podcast for anyone who likes movies, music, TV, books, periodicals, humor, kindness, etc. Michael Small is a gift to the listening public.

The Joni Interview is Priceless

I am amazed that Joni was totally at ease with you. I have heard her speak with her guard up and undoubtedly for good reason. During these interviews she is completely at ease. She trusted that you were able to understand the nuances of what she was communication as an artist She obviously trusted that you were able to step out of the way and let Joni be Joni. Thank-you so much for not throwing this out - ha ha - and for sharing with us these priceless memories of a musical genius.

Telling your story

Thanks for telling you story and helping other to get rid of items in their storage. Now, my wife wants me to follow suit.