April 15, 2023

Excuses, Excuses - Why Season 2 Is a Little Bit Late

Excuses, Excuses - Why Season 2 Is a Little Bit Late

I know I said that Season 2 of I Couldn't Throw It Out would be released by March.  And we're now nearing the end of April.  But I've got all kinds of excuses.

For one thing, I had to prepare by sorting every card and letter I've saved since the 1960s.  It was enlightening.  I learned that there were many greeting cards about farting, and my sister Debbie sent them all.  I highly recommend revisiting your own correspondence.  Then you can use it as an excuse for lateness with other projects.  Or maybe just for farting around.

Anyway, the second season of I Couldn't Throw It Out will launch by mid-May at the latest, maybe earlier.  And here's a sneak preview of the schedule:

They Might Be Giants' First-Ever Review and Demo Tape
Can I toss the demo tape I reviewed in PEOPLE before they had a record deal?  And can I be absolved of the three ways I unintentionally insulted my favorite band?  TMBG's John Flansburgh will join us to determine the answers

Tupac Shakur's Arrest for Jay Walking
For my book about rap music, Tupac gave me a lively interview in 1990 -- just before the release of his first album 2Pacalypse Now and his first major movie,Juice.  He tells me the vivid story of getting arrested for jay-walking in Oakland, and how he sued the police.

Fifth Grade Redux
You won't be surprised that I saved the script of the fifth grade play where I starred as a mouse.  But can you believe we rounded up most of the other actors for a new reading 55 years later?  Don't miss our command performance!

Keith Haring's Memorable Creations
I interviewed Keith several times about his art and -- sadly -- wrote an obituary after he died of complications from AIDS in 1990.  There's one object he gave me that I'll never toss. Do I have to part with the rest?

David Crosby's Unkind Words
Before a Woodstock-themed event to raise money for Wavy Gravy's Camp Winnarainbow, Mr. Crosby called me a not-nice name.  Listen in and decide if I deserved it.

Mom's Letters
Those letters I sorted through in the attic revealed a surprising truth in the correspondence from my mom.  If you saved letters from your own mom, here's a reason to go back and re-read them.

Diana Ross's Central Park Concert
Andy Warhol, Steve Rubell and Fran Lebowitz share their thoughts with me about the 1983 concert where "no wind no rain" was a wish, not a reality -- and where packs of kids in the audience showed us the meaning of "wilding"

Stephen King and Peter Straub's Collaboration
The 1984 book The Talisman was a huge hit for horror writers King and Straub (who died at 79 last year, after a fall). They talked with me about co-creation and what really scared them.

Martha Graham's Final Bow
When she was 95, the ground-breaking dancer and choreographer gave me a brief interview -- before choreographing a dance for Baryshnikov.  She still had plenty of spirit.

Meg's Skating Memories
Former ABC Sports skating producer Meg Streeter Lauck  (okay, she was my NYC roommate for three years, too) shares her memorabilia from covering the Olympics and other major skating events.  Let's see if she can triple lutz any of it into the shredder.

Stop the Violins!
My father left me two violins, his greatest treasures.  And I already had one.  While trying to reduce the number, I got a little surprise.

And much more!   So please don't abandon us because of my delay -- listen in for more soon!