May 30, 2022

I Couldn't Throw It Out: Season 1 Schedule

Hello all!

In case you're wondering about the future, Sally and I will be releasing new episodes of I Couldn't Throw It Out on Fridays during the summer of 2022.

That way,  you can listen over the weekend while hanging in a hammock or shvitzing on a city rooftop. 

Here's our planned schedule:

Friday, September 16:  My First Job -- The Arrogant Assistant's Letters
My very first boss Joseph Kanon -- now known as a bestselling, award-winning author of spy novels -- joins us to revisit my first paid gig as an editorial assistant at a book publishing house.  The verdict:  The outlandish reader reports and letters that I secretly wrote to authors ought to be destroyed to protect my credibility. 

Friday, September 23:  Eazy-E:  My 1991/95 Interview Tapes. Parts 1 and 2
Out of the many hip-hop stars I interviewed for my 1992 book, Break It Down:  The Inside Story from the New Leaders of Rap, I connected the most with the gangst rapper Eazy-E.  In part 1, Dr. Dre -- the former host of Yo! MTV Raps -- joins Sally and me to discuss the legacy of Eazy-E's hugely popular group N.W.A.  Then we listen to my full interview, conducted on the streets of Compton.  In part 2, we revisit the controversy around Eazy-E's surprising death from AIDS in 1995, with audio interviews from my PEOPLE article at the time of his death.

Friday, October 7:  Kidney Transplant:  The Cards and Letters, Parts 1 and 2
In 2014, after two kidney transplants that were needed because of lupus and APLS, my wife Cindy Ruskin was in need of another transplant.  And she got one.  Before we can throw out the cards and letters that came in after that event, we want to tell the story of how we met at 18 and the almost insurmountable challenges we faced before her current return to health.

Friday, October 21:  Kiefer Sutherland, My 1983 Interview Tape
Until I found the tape in my boxes, I forgot that I was the first person to interview 16-year-old Kiefer Sutherland for a national publication.  It was his first movie, and one of my first out-of-town assignments.  Guess who was more mature.  (Spoiler: Not me.)

Friday, October 28:  The Levitt Family History
A 1977 cassette tape created by my grandfather's sister Sadie led to dramatic discoveries about my mother's family, including: a kidnapping, a violin prodigy, a death from appendicitis, and not one -- but two -- terrible car accidents.  All these clues led to Youtube videos of the previously unknown spot in Lithuania where my great-great-grandparents were married.  Join my younger cousins and me, to see if they'll keep the history alive by avoiding the shredder and preserving my stash.

Friday, November 4:  My 1984 Tape:  REO Speedwagon, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Chuck Barris 
When I was writing the Chatter column on the last page of PEOPLE, I had to grab any tape available when the phone rang for an interview.  Hear what the leader of a chart-topping rock band, a pre-wealthy artist, and the host of the Gong Show had to tell me.  Definitely an unusual time capsule.

And that's season one!  We're still finishing the episodes now.  But, with any luck, they'll all be ready by the dates we've listed.  Or else I'll have to change the dates.  And you'll pretend that I didn't, right?

Friday, January 6, 2023:  Season 2 premiere