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Dr. Dre was the co-host with Ed Lover of the tremendously influential TV show Yo! MTV Raps Today from 1989 to 1995. They helped promote the work of the other Dr. Dre -- the producer and former NWA member -- on their show. In 1993, Dre appeared with Ed Lover in director Ted Demme's movie, Who's The Man? Dre and Lover later released the album, Back Up Off Me! and they hosted a morning radio show on New York City's Hot 97. Dre also served as DJ for the Beastie Boys. Dre got his start as a DJ at Adelphi University, where he created his rap group Original Concept. In September 2022, Dre - whose uncontrolled Type II diabetes led to his blindness and amputations -- became President of the Parawhirl Network, which is the world's first accessibility inclusive entertainment network for people with disabilities and special needs, in partnership with the American Basketball Association and its streaming network Abagale TV. For more about Parawhirl, go to paraaccessworld.org and for more on Dr. Dre, go to doctordre39.org.

Nov. 5, 2022

Gangsta rapper Eazy-E and Me – Part I [Explicit]

Compton's rap mogul and NWA founder Eazy-E hanging out with Michael? Unlikely. But it happened in 1991. Hear Dr. Dre (former Yo! MTV Raps co-host) explain Eazy's huge cultural impact, then hear Eazy's candid interview.

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